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Established a foreign-funded company in Shenzhen, China  

Required documents: 1) Application for establishment of foreign-funded company

          2) A copy of the registered representative/shareholder/auditor’s ID card and proof of address

          3) Business proof  

Establishment A Plan:

Qianhai Corporation  Progress.

In the case of the business address, a real estate rental contract, which is a document proving the actual business address, must be presented.

** If you do not have a real business address in ShenZhen, we can provide a rental registration service for your Qianhai business address.

** When establishing a Qianhai foreign-funded corporation, a real estate contract must be presented, and the area specified in the real estate contract must be at least 50 m2  must be greater than 
  When registering as a proxy for the Qianhai business address, we will quote you separately.

Establishment B Plan:

Established as the address of a general business place in Shenzhen.

Minimum area  Without it, it can be established with a real estate lease contract concluded with the address of the general business office (soho office possible). 

Soho office rental  contract period  Minimum of 6 months, incorporation and  Opening a corporate account  possible. 

Foreign-funded corporation establishment cost: CNY 9,500  

- Original & copy of sales synopsis
- Corporate seal
- financial seal
- Seal of legal representative
- Painting production registration certificate
- Articles of Incorporation
- Foreign-funded corporation registration certificate
- Corporate code digital certificate not included (if added, CNY 500
- Certificate case, seal case, painting ink pad (red)


* Corporate name search is provided free of charge

account book cost

1. Small corporation/Sales slip income is CNY 360,000  Below :  Bookkeeping and tax reporting is CNY 300 per month.

Only CNY 3900  One year's worth in advance (CNY 300  X 12 months + CNY 300  book cost)

2. Small corporation/Sales slip income is CNY 360,000  More than :  Bookkeeping and tax reporting is CNY 400 per month 

Only CNY 5100  One year's prepayment (CNY 4800)  X 12 months + CNY 300 book cost)

Bookkeeping service included:

1. Tax revenue planning and tax information provision
2. Online proxy for bank statements
3. Organize your receipts
4. Accounting software
5. Audit Report
6. Tax return
7. Issuance of online receipts
8. Automatic tax calculation, real-time email reporting
9. Automatic notification by e-mail when income reaches the standard for general taxpayers
10. If an abnormal situation is detected on the cost, real-time text message notification
11. In case of overdue corporate tax or abnormal circumstances on the books, real-time text message notification
12. Archive
13. Report after completion of the inscription

Shenzhen Bao'an District Business Address Rental Policy

You must have a rental agreement to register with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, tax, and banking.

Rentable area:
- Building area 18 m2 (utility area 10 m2 / without windows) , Rent: RMB 2,280/month
- Building area 18 m2 (utility area 10 m2 / with windows) , Rent: 2,780 yuan / month
- Building area 25 m2 (Usage area 15 m2 ) , Rent: 4,180 RMB/month


* In addition to the Bao'an District area, the Fu Tien area can also be rented.

When renting a business address, a lease contract must be made for at least 6 months, and the cost must be paid in advance. 
- Rent 1800 yuan for 6-month contract
- 1 year contract, rental fee of 1000 yuan
- When contracting for more than 2 years, rental tax is free

* 100% advance payment, and the rent is not issued a tax invoice
* The lease contract period is at least 6 months or 12 months or more.



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