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Ireland Incorporation Guide

Corporate tax:

12.5% (Non-operating profit tax rate: 25%)

Capital gains tax (transfer tax, etc.):

33% (40% for profits outside the European Economic Area)

*Exemption clause or 10% tax rate may be applied in some cases

Dividend tax:

No local dividend tax, subject to the tax law having jurisdiction over the shareholder's residence
Dividends received from the EU or treaty countries may be taxed at a rate of 12.5%, and dividends may be exempt from tax if the company holds 5% or less of its share capital and voting rights.

Tax Credits and Incentives:

There is a 25% tax credit on eligible R&D expenses, resulting in an effective tax credit of 37.5% in total, plus a 6.27% corporate tax rate on certain profits derived from assets derived from R&D initiatives under the Knowledge Development Policy. Certain start-ups are subject to the total amount of corporate tax due each year not exceeding EUR 40,000.

You can enjoy tax relief for 3 years.

The Intellectual Property Scheme provides tax credits on capital expenditures incurred by a company on the acquisition of qualifying IP assets, such as patents and registered designs, trademarks, know-how, domain names, copyrights, and service marks, and capital deductions accruing from qualifying IP assets. can be offset against income from eligible IP assets, with up to 80% of IP derived gains deducted. The remaining 20% is 12.5% based on the taxes performed by the company.  Corporate tax is levied.

Establishment Requirements: 
1. Minimum 1 share/minimum capital of 0.01 Euro
2. At least one natural person must be listed as a director, and at least one director must be a resident of the European Economic Area
3. If the requirements of item 2 above are not met, 25,000 euros must be deposited in the company registration office.
4. At least one secretary must be registered, and the director can concurrently serve.
   However, if there is only one director, a separate person must be registered as the secretary.
5. Must have a registered address of business in Ireland

Requirements for annual maintenance:
1. Annual General Meeting (AGM) must be held annually or a written resolution must be made
2. Annual report and audit report must be made every year
3. You must file a tax return within 9 months from the date of settlement, and the amount of tax can be paid in one lump sum or in two installments

Conditions for exemption from annual auditing obligations (if two or more of the following apply):
1. Total assets in the statement of financial position are less than 6 million euros
2. Sales of less than 12 million euros
3. Less than 50 employees

Incorporation and 1 year service fee:

USD 3,100

Registration of incorporation and government fees
Preparation and submission of the company standard articles of incorporation
Provide certificate of incorporation and registered articles of incorporation
Resolution on Audit Waiver (if applicable)
Preparation of minutes of the inaugural general meeting of shareholders and directors
Filling out the register of shareholders and directors
Write a stock certificate
Appointment and registration of local manager residing in Ireland (1 year)
Registered address service 1 year
Corporate tax and VAT registration
Obtain an EORI number (if necessary)
Certified copies of corporate documents

1 year of service for local director registration in Ireland:

USD 2,500


Signature of company documents
Maintaining the company's basic alluvial requirements
Management of company registration documents, accounting documents and legal records
Receive contact from the bank
Annual report and tax return

Incorporation + 1 year management service fee + 1 year local director registration service total cost:

USD 5,600

Opening an Irish bank account:


Requirements and required documents for incorporation:

1. A copy of the shareholder/director's passport

2. Original fact authentication for the passport copy of the shareholder/director 
   - Korean passport: English passport copy certificate (issued by the ward office)     ( View sample )
   - Passport from other countries: Certified True Copy or Notarial Certificate      ( see sample  )
3. Two types of documents for the most recent (within 3 months) address in English for shareholders/directors (however, the address must be the same)
   - Residency in Korea: English certified copy (community center) + Scan the front/back of the driver’s license  ( View sample )
   - Residence in another country: Utility Bill + Bank Statement (or equivalent official document)   ( View sample )

4. Fill out the application for incorporation

*If you wish to open an account after establishment, please contact us in advance.

이스라엘 비자 서비스

비자신청 절차:

1. 회사설립
2. Exceptions Committee 신청접수 (성공률 80%)
3. Professional Employee Visa 신청
4. 주한 이
스라엘 대사관에 방문하여 임시비자 수령
5. 이스라엘에 방문하여 정식 비자 수령 (유효기간 1년)

1. 비자신청(1년): USD34,000 (VAT 포함) + 정부비용 별도
2. 비자갱신(최대5년): USD34,000 (VAT 포함) + 정부비용 별도
3. 동반비자: 1인당 USD4,600 (VAT 포함)
4. 현재 정부비용: USD500


1. 월급여가 2만 신 셰켈(USD5,500 정도) 이상 가능

2. 이스라엘의 Professional Employee Visa 발급요건을 충족할 수 있는 전문직종

3. 범죄기록이 없어야 함


1. 영문이력서

2. 대학교 이상의 학위 (영문)

3. 관련직종의 경력증명서 (영문)

4. 회사(고용주) 관련서류 (재정능력, 사업계획, 급여증빙, 등기서류 등)

5. 기타 이스라엘 이민국에서 비자신청과 관련하여 요하는 서류

이스라엘 대표처(representative office) 설립 안내

이스라엘 대표처 설립을 위해서는 최소 1인 이상의 대표자(representative)가 현지 거주인이어야 하며, 현지 사업장 주소지가 있어야 합니다. 서비스 비용 및 구비서류는 아래와 같습니다.

1) 설립비용: USD4,000 (현지VAT포함)
2) 정부비용(State Fee): USD700
3) 현지 등록주소지 사용(1년): USD750 (현지VAT포함) *옵션
4) 비대면 계좌개설: USD3,400 (현지VAT포함) *옵션

1) 한국법인의 이스라엘 현지 연락사무소 설립
2) 설립관련 등기서류 준비
3) 등기업무
4) 설립 진행관련 자문

예상 소요기간:

모든 구비서류가 준비된 후, 2~3주

1) 등기부등본 영문번역공증본
2) 정관 영문번역공증본
3) 주주명부
4) 법인설립증 영문번영공증본
5) 10%이상의 주주 및 등기 이사에 대한 개인 구비서류^

(국문서류를 주시면 당사와 연계된 번역행정사를 통하여 번역공증을 진행할 수 있습니다.)

^ 개인 구비서류:
1) 여권사본
2) 여권사본에 대한 원본사실인증 
    - 한국 여권: 영문여권사본증명서 (구청 혹은 시청에서 발급) 
3) 최근(3개월 이내) 영문 주소증빙 서류 (영문등본 혹은 초본)

연간 예상비용:
1) 정부비용(State Fee): USD500
2) 정부비용(State Fee) 결제 handling charge: USD130 (현지VAT포함)
3) 현지 등록주소지 사용(1년): USD750 (현지VAT포함) *옵션
4) 연차보고서(Annual Return) 처리 비용: USD1,200 (현지VAT포함)

1) 문서 번역공증: 장당 USD250+VAT 17%
2) 문서 국제배송료: USD117+VAT 17%
3) 변호사 법률 및 자문 서비스: 시간당 USD250+VAT 17%


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