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recently revised  In accordance with the Malta law, you can establish a corporation that can trade Security Tokens. Security Token transactions are treated as financial instruments, and you must obtain a related license to make transactions. In the case of Utility Token, you can proceed without a separate license procedure, and you can proceed directly with the registration of incorporation. (Information on Incorporation in Malta)

According to the recently enacted law, specific procedures, required documents, and advisory matters are  Malta  The fintech department in charge of the local law firm will provide advice and support.   


Security Token Offering (STO)


1. Expert advice for compliance, corporate incorporation and bank account opening costs (initial cost)  


1) Testing of financial products, drafting and registration of Prospectus: 14,000 euros (maximum 48 hours work, 300 euros per hour beyond 48 hours)

2) Company establishment: 5,000 euros

3) Opening a bank account: 2,000 euros


Total initial cost: 21,000 euros (+VAT 18%)



2. Annual cost


Annual maintenance fee: 3,200 euros (+VAT 18%)



3. Government expenses (registration)


Company incorporation registration: 770 euros

Annual company registration: 350 euros

Registration of business prospectus: 1,500 euros


Total government expenses (registration): 2,620 euros



Total initial cost:


1. Initial cost of STO corporation + VAT: 24,780 euros

2. Annual management fee + VAT: 3,776 euros

3. Government registration fee: 2,620 euros

Total: 31,176 euros


** VAT can be refunded through VAT claims on a quarterly basis after incorporation.


1) Business request
2) Financial product test (check and review Security Token)
3) Preparation of draft prospectus and supporting documents
4) Review of the prospectus 
5) Submission of investment prospectus to commercial registration office
6) Registration of investment prospectus with commercial register
7) STO release

Estimated lead time: 4-7 months


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