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of business  card


1. Review of business-related data and confirmation of the scope of business entrustment;

2. Submit a quote

3. Payment after quotation confirmation (100%)

4. Legal review and advice on business

5. Incorporation progress (Singapore corporation, Singapore non-profit corporation, subsidiary of Singapore corporation)

6. Writing and reviewing white papers, legal definition and interpretation of tokens, reviewing Singapore Securities Exchange Act, legal review of other business and circulation of funds

7. Attempt to link and negotiate with investment banks (results vary by project)

8. ICO Pre-Sale and Marketing

9. Procurement of operating funds by converting the procured tokens into cash

10. Attempt to link and negotiate with exchanges for listing (results differ depending on the exchange, and significant costs are incurred in preparation for listing and marketing)

11. In case of listing on the exchange, fund raising and operation in earnest



ICO corporation  service  expense

Singapore Public Guarantee Limited (public non-profit corporation; Public Company Limited by Guarantee)
Governance and Compliance Services



1. Non-profit company establishment cost: USD 650  *No refunds will be given even if registration is unsuccessful.

2. Local secretarial service: USD 1,500 (1 year)
3. Local business address service: USD 100 (1 year)
4. Local director registration service: USD6,000 (1 year)
5. Local advisory service: USD3,000 (1 year)

   * Representing corporations to report to the government, respond to government inquiries, explain regulations, and advise on tax laws and audits
6. Establishment of offshore subsidiaries for tax saving strategy: USD4,000

   *Establish an offshore subsidiary of a Singapore non-profit corporation, which becomes the token issuer.
7. Establishment of local corporation in Singapore: USD 6,800

   * Singapore corporation establishment and corporate account opening, later used in the stage of legally converting the collected tokens into cash 

<Law Compliance>

Attorney ICO Regulation Consulting: USD 1,200 (per hour)
Token Sale Legal Advisory Package: Separate estimate
1) Define token properties and review whether issued tokens are classified as securities under the Securities and Futures Trading Act (Singapore Law Article 289)
2) Review and revision of the White Paper from the perspective of Singapore law
3) Drafting the terms and conditions of the token sale
4) Drafting the operating agreement between the issuer and the operating company.



Articles of incorporation of non-profit corporations: Standard articles of incorporation are provided free of charge



Accounting and Bookkeeping: Separate estimate 

*Our own CPA conducts accounting related to the ICO project.



Tax return: separate estimate 

*Singapore companies are required to file annual tax returns.


<Accounting Audit>

Annual report of non-profit corporation: separate estimate  *Non-profit corporations are required to submit annual financial statements (including all E accounts).


Marketing and Communication

<Content Marketing>

1. Press Release (English): USD1,800 per article   *700-800 words.
2. Creative content creation and global publishing: USD 18,000 per article  

   *20+ A- and B-type channels, over 200,000 views per press release, 2-3 languages.
3. Global article publication: USD15,000 per article  

   *20+ A- and B-type channels, over 800,000 views per press release, 2-3 languages.
4. Social media platform (English) management: USD 7,500 per month  

   * 2-3 posts on social media like LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter and Facebook.
5. Video production: USD 15,000~25,000 per 3-minute video


<Digital Marketing>

1. Email Marketing: Synagogue  USD 18,000 expected   

   *Marketing with email addresses of over 30,000 corporate decision makers (KOLs)
2. LinkedIn KOL Marketing: Synagogue  USD 18,000 expected

   *Offer digital promotions to KOL accounts on LinkedIn

3. SNS fan, share, and like click-through rate increase: Expected package USD180,000 ~ 230,000
   1) Telegram group increased by 5,000 to 10,000 people
   2) 200~500 Twitter followers increase
   3) Increase of 500~1,500 followers on LinkedIn
   4) Increase of 5,000~10,000 Instagram followers



1. Outdoor advertising in New York, London and Singapore financial centers
2. 400~600 global event event
3. Cryptocurrency Index Channel Introduction


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