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Guide to establishment of a UK corporation (Ltd)

Incorporation + 1 year management fee: USD 2,750

Seker (Cyprus) bank account opening fee: USD 400

Estimated lead time: 10 to 15 business days (usually 2 to 3 weeks)

Incorporation includes:
Registration of incorporation (Company Formation)
Certificate of Incorporation
Articles of Association (Standard)
Registration of appointment of directors (Certificate of Incorporation)
Director(s) Acceptance Letter
First Board Resolution related to establishment
Register of Members
Register of Directors
Share Certificate(s)


1. Consultation in advance on necessary services such as purpose of incorporation, business type, handling items, business plan, and account opening
2. Submission of required documents (application for incorporation, copy of shareholder/director passport, address document, identity verification document, etc.)
3. Check KYC and Due Diligence to see if it is possible to proceed
4. After the process is confirmed, the full payment is made
5. Preparation of documents for establishment registration and legal requirements
6. After preparing all documents, the shareholder/director signs
7. Send signature documents by mail
8. Proceed with establishment after receiving documents
9. Completed establishment after registration processing
10. If you applied for a bank account opening service, proceed with opening a bank account
11. After completion of opening, activation of bank account internet banking, etc.
12. Complete the task

Annual renewal fee: USD 2,700

Annual renewal includes:
Annual renewal report
Annual secretarial service
Provided central London business address
Keeping legal records documents at the business site

Accounting/Tax Expenses:
Annual Accounting Book: USD3,700
Annual tax return: USD 4,500


Requirements and required documents for incorporation:

1. A copy of the shareholder/director's passport

2. Original fact authentication for the passport copy of the shareholder/director 
   - Korean passport: English passport copy certificate (issued by the ward office)     ( View sample )
   - Passport from other countries: Certified True Copy or Notarial Certificate      ( see sample  )
3. Two types of documents for the most recent (within 3 months) address in English for shareholders/directors (however, the address must be the same)
   - Residency in Korea: English certified copy (community center) + Scan the front/back of the driver’s license  ( View sample )
   - Residence in another country: Utility Bill + Bank Statement (or equivalent official document)   ( View sample )

4. Fill out the application for incorporation

*If you wish to open an account after establishment, please contact us in advance.

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