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Trademark application


In order to apply for trademark rights in Hong Kong, you should determine the purpose, class and scope of the trademark, and determine the nature of the logo.


** Color guide for your logo:

The ideal color code for trademark applications is the PANTONE color code. Therefore, when designing the logo, it is recommended to set it as PANTONE CODE.

If you specify the color with CMYK, it will be converted to HEX CODE and will be registered with both CMYK and HEX CODE.

(There may be very slight color differences between CMYK and HEX code.)


** Up to 4 series of the Trade Mark can be registered, and if the language other than English or Chinese is included, the meaning and pronunciation must be written on the application.


The procedures for filing trademark applications are as follows.


1) Determine whether the same trademark is registered by the Intellectual Property Department (IPD) before proceeding with the documents


2) Proceed with the T1 form to confirm the specific search & advice for the trademark from Hong Kong IPD (* T1 is optional)


3) Submission of T2 application (* T2 is mandatory)


4) Detailed inspection of missing part of application


5) Search and judge whether the trademark applied is same or similar to other trademarks which have already been registered in HK IPD. (Also check whether it meets the Cap. 559 Trade Marks Ordinance)


5) Written notice of the first inspection and examination

(Acceptance of the trademark registration will be given, or if the application for the trademark registration is rejected, the reasons for the rejection will be given)


6) When the applicant is requested to express an opinion in relation to the registration of the trademark, a review will be conducted based on all evidences of support-for or opposition to registration of the trademark.


7) If there is no problem in registration of trademark, the trademark registration status will be posted on HK IPD Notice section.

** A third party may file an objection, and the applicant may also file an opposing opinion within three months.


8) If there is no objection, the registration of the trademark will be approved, and the detailed data will be recorded in HK IPD. HK IPD will issue a certificate of trademark registration and post the relevant information on HK IPD Notice section.

** It takes around 7~8 months from the first application to the completion of the registration for the trademark.



Required documents for trademark application


1. Logo file(s) to register as trademark (maximum 4) ai, jpg, pdf, etc.


2. Classifications for the trademarks


3. Describe the details of the logo

(e.g. 3D, hologram, sound, smell, etc. if the logo is different from the regular logo)




Trademark Search and Advice (T1) fee: HKD2,000 (based on 1 Class)

(For additional class, HKD200 per class)  *optional


Trademark Application and Registration (T2) fee: HKD6,000 (based on 1 Class)

(For additional class, HKD1,000 per class)  *mandatory


Total (T1 & T2): HKD8,000 (based on 1 Class)

(The total cost of additional class, HKD1,200 per class)

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