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We, Mir Asia, are making continuous efforts to provide more systematic and specialized services based on our years of experience and know-how, and are working hard every day with passion and reward for our work.


The company established a Hong Kong corporation, established a Singapore corporation, and  He has experience in establishing overseas corporations in various countries (Hungary, Seychelles, Estonia, St. Vincent, Malta, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Turkey, Cayman, etc.) We provide services necessary for advisory, banking transaction and account opening advisory, AML, KYC and compliance-related advisory, accounting/taxation, management and corporate operation based on our long-term experience.

In addition,  reasonable as possible  We strive to provide all services at a cost.  

We, Mir Asia, are always pursuing a better ideal, and are working hard to provide more systematic, reasonable, and specialized services in our work. We do not seek to plausibly exaggerate the implausible or to express the non-existent as if it were there.  It is our principle to treat our customers honestly and honestly.  With passion and effort for the work we want to pursue, we are supporting our customers so that they can trust us and do business comfortably, and many customers are currently with us.

We want to do business with manners, honesty, and always with a grateful heart, and we feel rewarded in favoring and helping customers with that tendency. On the other hand, we do not provide any help, regardless of financial interest, for illegal business using overseas corporations by intentionally violating the law or evading the Korean law network, such as money laundering, financial fraud, illegal multi-level, evasion funds, illegal online casinos, and illegal currency transactions. Please forgive me for not being able to.


In addition, there are various and complicated We are making great efforts to comply with regulations and advise our customers on these matters.

We believe that business conduct should be accompanied by ethics that can contribute to social contribution and responsibility, rather than merely pursuing financial gains, and  great level of service  To always provide you with an affordable price  I'm trying.

We value our promises to our customers, and we will always do our best not to betray their trust, and we will do our best to answer even the smallest questions in a serious and honest way.

If you trust us and entrust us with your work, we will do our best to carry out our work, and we will spare no effort to pass on a fairer and better world to future generations.

thank you.

Mir Asia

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