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Guide to Establishment of Manufacturing Corporation in Hanoi, Vietnam

Application and acquisition documents during business process:

1. Investment Registration Certificate
2. Enterprise Registration Certificate
3. Certificate of land use right
4. Construction License

   * Application must be made at the time of factory construction, not required if you are moving into a factory that has already been built
4. Firefighting facility certificate
5. Environmental assessment report on pollutant emission from factories *Applicable for pollutant emission industries

Estimated lead time for incorporation: 25 business days
Estimated time required to open a corporate account: 3 to 6 business days
Estimated time required for factory permit: 6 to 10 months (varies depending on the job)

** Regarding the establishment of a factory, the location of the factory must be carefully considered.
** According to Vietnamese law, the location of the factory must conform to the city's master plan, and we always ask you to submit all documents related to the location.

** The site selection of the factory should be determined after thorough review before preparing the application documents for factory establishment to avoid unwanted risks during the license application process.
** We recommend that you establish a factory by renting land in an industrial complex where possible, but the actual cost of renting land in an industrial complex in Hanoi is quite high due to the limitation of the current land area. It is also not easy to find a large lot of more than 5 hectares.

** Recently, as regulations on environmental pollution in manufacturing facilities are being strengthened, it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that the application may be rejected if the infrastructure for handling pollutants and the relevant requirements are not met. We recommend that you proceed in consultation with a wealth of experts.

When selecting a site for a factory, you should review the following in advance.

1. Required area of factory site
2. Production process
3. Pollutants that may be generated in factories and their treatment plan


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