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Shenzhen  Import/export agency service information


1. Import/export agency fee: CNY 4,500  (tax not included)

2. Required documents:
1) The original copy and copy of the business collection
2) Original and photocopies of representative ID cards (must be presented about 3 times / usually takes 1-2 business days at a time)
3) corporate seal
4) Representative seal
5) Original seal registration card

3. Required time: about 15 business days

4. After completing the import/export management right (license) application, it will be delivered as follows. 

1) One original copy of foreign trade business registration document
2) 1 copy of customs certificate
3) 1 seal for customs clearance
4) One electronic customs corporate card and one operator card each
5) 1 set of smart card reader for electronic customs clearance
6) Cargo trade foreign exchange management online service opening information table 1 copy
7) Cargo trade foreign exchange business rules 1 copy



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