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Security Token Exchange (Exchange) Information

1. Expert advice for compliance, corporate incorporation and bank account opening costs (initial cost)  


1) License registration: 35,000 euros (up to 120 hours work, 200 euros per hour after 120 hours)

2) Company establishment: 5,000 euros

3) Opening a bank account: 2,000 euros


Total initial cost: 42,000 euros (+VAT 18%)



2. Annual cost


Annual maintenance fee: 3,200 euros (+VAT 18%)



3. Government expenses (registration)


Company incorporation registration: 1,460 euros

Annual company registration: 900 euros

MFSA application: 7,000 euros

Issuance/renewal of MFSA license: from 6,000 euros (based on sales up to 250,000 euros)


Total government expenses (registered): 15,360 euros



Total initial cost:


1. Initial cost of STO corporation + VAT: 49,560 euros

2. Annual management fee + VAT: 3,776 euros

3. Government registration fee: 15,360 Euro


Total: 68,696 euros


** VAT can be refunded through VAT claims on a quarterly basis after incorporation.

** The above information is a general cost and guidance, and the business contents and  Malta  I will review my rules and give you a definitive quote.  


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