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FSA License Application Guide

1. Estimated lead time: 3 to 7 months (It varies depending on whether documents are prepared, submitted, or reviewed by the authorities.)

2. Procedure: 

Step 1:  Seychelles local corporation established

Step 2:  Application for a securities trader

Step 3:  KYC Progress

*required documents:

1) Resume

2) Passport photo

3) Bank Reference (Submit each bank recommendation for each registered director)

4) High school or higher education certificate

5) Submit if you have a separately acquired certificate

6) If you are a member of a professional association such as accountants/lawyers, submit related documents

7) Past employment/employment certificate

8) List of Directors (if applicable)

9) Business plan

3. Minimum requirements to obtain a license:

One)  Physical office in Seychelles

2)  local Compliance Officer

3)  "fit and proper" CEO and MD without disqualification in business operation

4)  The minimum share capital is USD 50,000 and must be deposited in a local bank.

5)  Other general application requirements (Compliance Manual, AML Manual, Operations / Procedures Manual)


4. Services available: 

1) Legal advice

2) Drafting and reviewing documents and manuals (outsourcing)

3) Hire a compliance officer (can be outsourced later)

4) Gainful Occupation Permit -

5) Postal/Business Address

6) Accounting and auditing

7) office

**The work is carried out by us and our Seychelles partners, and we can provide customized services according to your needs, and some services may be outsourced.

5. Cost Information:


One)  Seychelles local corporation established: USD2,500

2)  Opening a bank account: USD 1,200

3)  Seychelles local address: USD 1,500

4)  Seychelles local secretary: USD 1,500

Total: USD6,700



6. Seychelles Securities Dealer License

One)  License Application: USS9,500

2)  Representative License Application: USD2,000

3)  FSA Application Fees (Company): USD1,500

4)  FSA Application Fees (Per Representative): USD500

5)  Dealer License Fees (Company): USD3,500

6)  Dealer Rep License Fees (Per Representative): 1,000

Total: USD18,000



7. Estimated initial cost: USD 24,700

** Pre-consultation before work : USD 1,000 (deducted from the payment amount when work is confirmed)


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