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Mir Asia x Globalization Partners (GP)


Global Remote HR Service Platform from Globalization Partners

Globalization Partners (GP) conducts market research, market testing, and global remote teams through local human resource recruitment without overseas corporations or branches.
and provides platform services based on AI and automation algorithms to 187 countries around the world.

Guide to Employer of Record (EOR) Services

The global remote HR service allows you to conduct market research and feasibility studies by hiring local human resources for a short or long term without a separate local corporation or business operator before confirming overseas expansion. You can start work by hiring local manpower. In addition, by shifting responsibility for employment contracts with local employees and labor law regulations to Globalization Partners, the risk is reduced and
It can be a strategic means to increase efficiency.

business process

1. Select the person who wants to be hired by the customer (by using a headhunter, etc.)
2. Write a labor contract that meets the current regulations on the GP platform (can be written within 15 minutes)
3. Use GP technology to process employment in accordance with current regulations such as working hours, minimum hourly wage, labor regulations, and information protection (updated when regulations are changed)
4. The contract is performed by the GP as a legal employer, and all responsibilities and risks are transferred to the GP.
5. The employee's work is performed at the customer's place of business or the business designated by the customer


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