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Malta Incorporation and Management


We can provide comprehensive services for all matters related to Malta incorporation, management and accounting, and you can also get sound legal and tax advice from lawyers specialized in the relevant field. We are mainly striving to provide high-quality company composition and management services to new start-ups and small and medium-sized companies.


Malta corporation establishment guide


In accordance with the Company Act amended in 1995, Malta corporations must be registered with the company registration office at the time of establishment, and the establishment procedure is relatively simple. Incorporation can be established within one week after receipt of all required documents for incorporation and signatures of shareholders/directors.  The articles of incorporation should contain the following information:


corporate name

Shareholder/Director's passport number and address
Address of registered office of Malta corporation
Purpose and purpose of incorporation
Details of authorized issued and paid share capital
Judicial and legal representation of the company
Details of Directors and Secretary


Corporate tax: 35% (30% refundable after dividend)  **Final 5% tax rate when refund is applied


**When establishing a corporation, the customer's Due Diligent Test must be performed, and accordingly, it may take 2-4 weeks to establish a corporation.



Malta law firm to provide advice and registration

Malta law firm utilizes state-of-the-art management methodologies and technologies to ensure fast and cost-effective services in a real-time and international context, providing professional and efficient services.  We work closely with our extensive corporate services team of accountants, lawyers and tax advisors to provide corporate management services.  Our multidisciplinary team within Malta Law Firm can proactively and quickly resolve regulatory issues in compliance,  Legal, corporate management, banking support, accounting and tax services are all available.  Also, the customer  Malta's corporate and tax laws;  Financial service regulations and ICO regulations, etc.  We advise you to choose the right jurisdiction, type and legal entity name by ensuring full compliance with all local laws and regulations.

Incorporation  In order of progress:

1. Review of KYC documents and business contents of the Compliance Team (review whether there are additional documents or confirmation items)
2. Invoice confirmation and payment
3. Preparation of articles of incorporation and registration of incorporation
4. After the customer signs the above documents, a copy is sent by e-mail
5. If there is no problem after checking the copy, the original document is sent to the Malta office by international express
6. Registration process after arrival of documents (normal 3-5 business days / express 1 business day)
7. Completion of incorporation

Cost information:


Initial cost of incorporation (VAT not included):
Company establishment (Main / Single OpCo / HoldCo): €1,500
Tax & Legal Consulting, Structure Design: €1,800
   * Legal advice on the establishment of an ICO advisory company
Due Diligence Fee: €800
Opening a corporate account: €1,450

Total establishment cost: €5,550 + VAT 18% + Malta company registration fee €245 = €6,794


**Payment of capital: Minimum share capital of €1,250 (at least 20% of capital must be paid in)


Annual management fee (VAT not included):
Domiciliation: €1,750
Annual Compliance Review: €1,000
Total Annual Cost: €2,750 + VAT 18% + Annual Registry Fee €100 = €3,345


Total cost of incorporation + 1 year (including VAT): €10,139


Estimated lead time for establishment: 

1. Incorporation and Due Diligence: 2~4 weeks

2. Opening a corporate account: 4 to 8 weeks


Accounting Services:

Accounting service deposit: € 1,500 (based on 20 working hours, additional charges will be incurred)
Tax return: € 575
VAT registration: € 700


** Separate quote after checking transaction details (bank statement, sales/purchase/expense data)

** It is conducted through a Malta law firm, an ICO consulting firm, a virtual currency exchange  and ICO corporation establishment and paid legal advice.  There is.


** In case of opening a corporate account, it is possible to proceed without visiting Malta.


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