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Trademark Application Guide



In order to apply for a trademark in Hong Kong, the use, class (grade) and scope of the trademark must be determined.

other logos and  You need to decide on the characteristics of the logo.


** Color guidance for the logo you are applying for:

The most ideal color code for trademark applications is the PANTONE color code. Therefore, it is recommended to use PANTONE CODE when deciding the color when designing the logo.

If you specify a color in CMYK, it is converted to HEX CODE and both are specified in the trademark.

(There may be very slight color differences between CMYK and HEX codes.)


** You can register up to 4 Trade Marks, and if a language other than English or Chinese is included, the transliteration and meaning must be written in the application form.


The trademark registration and application process is as follows.


1) Check whether the same trademark is registered by the Intellectual Property Office before proceeding with the document


2) Confirmation of specific search & advice of trademark from Hong Kong IPD by proceeding with T1 document (IPD: Ministry of Intellectual Property)


3) Submit T2 application


4) Detailed inspection for any omissions in the application form


5) Search and examine whether the trademark for which the application is applied is the same or similar to the existing trademark according to the applied class standard (Trademark Ordinance)  check whether it meets the registration regulations)

5) Written notice of the 1st inspection and review

(When the acceptance of the trademark application registration application is confirmed or the trademark application application is rejected, the relevant reason is presented)

6) When requesting an opportunity to express intention in relation to the registration of a trademark application,  support or oppose  every
Reconsideration based on evidence

7) If there are no problems with the registration of the trademark application, the status of the application for trademark application is notified in the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Notice section.

** A third party may raise an objection to the notification of the status of the application for a trademark application, and may submit an objection within 3 months from the posting date.


8) If there is no objection,  Approve the relevant trademark application application, record detailed data in the trademark application register,
Issuing a registration certificate to the applicant;  Notice of related news in Hong Kong Intellectual Property Notice column

** It takes about 7 to 8 months from the date of filing to the registration date of the trademark application.



Documents required for trademark application


1. Original logo file to be registered as Trade Mark (up to 4 types) ai, jpg, pdf, etc.


2. Classification items for which the Trade Mark will be used


3. Describe in detail the logo to be registered as a Trade Mark

(Example: If the logo is different from the general logo, such as 3D, hologram, sound, smell, etc., describe it in detail)


4.  Trade Mark Search and Advice fee (one time): HKD2,000 (based on 1 class) 

(HKD 200 per class when adding a class)


Trade Mark application and registration fee: HKD6,000 (based on 1 class)

(HKD 1,000 per class when adding a class)


Total: HKD8,000 (based on 1 class)

(When adding a class, an additional cost of HKD 1,200 per class is incurred)



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