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Fees and Charges
Hong Kong Company Incorporation and 1st year's management


Basic Fee: HK$7,600 (HK$1,000~1,800 for express incorporation  if requested)

Services Included:

1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Business Registration
3. Memorandum of Association booklet 10 pcs
4. Certificate of Shares booklet 1 piece
5. Statutory Book 1 piece
6. Common Seal 1 piece
7. Company Chop (normal round type / rectangle for signature) 2 pcs
8. Company Secretary registration for the first year
9. Providing HK address and mailing service (scanning incoming mails and email)
10. Handling Employees' Return (+ HKD200 postal charge; up to 2 employees without further charge)
11. Handling mandatory Survey of Company Information
12. Handling Significant Controllers Register
13. Handling Register of Members/Directors/Secretary
14. Brief business advice for the first year
15. Answering telephone and fax services (with limited functions)
Anal Fees (must be renewed every year):

1. Company Secretary: HK$3,500

2. Virtual Office address (including registered office address and mailing service): HK$2,500

3. Business Registration Government Fee: HK$2,250

4. Annual Return Government Registration Fee: HK$105

Total: HK$8,355

Company Secretary  Services Included:

1) Filing and Registration of Annual Return
2) Company Secretary Registration for one year
3) Handling Employees' Return - up to 2 employees(+ courier charge: HK$200)
4) Handling Mandatory Survey of Company Information (if required)
5) Handling Significant Controllers Register
6) Handling Register of Members/Directors/Secretary and Organization Chart
7) Brief Business Advice for one year

Virtual Office Address Services Included:

1) Providing HK address and mailing service including scanning and emailing
2) Answering Telephone and Fax services (with limited functions)
3) Keeping Filed Statutory Documents and Presenting them to Government Officers if requested


Accounting and Taxation: Quotation upon actual business figures


Assisting, Arrangement and Advising Services for Opening Bank Account: HK$3,000


Hong Kong company's  accounting fee
- HK$100 ~ 800 per month
** It depends on the volume of transactions and the arrangement of the documents.
** If you are going to do your own accounting, we will arrange and advise you at the time of auditing without extra cost.
** Separate estimates will be required for Issuance and purchase of complex monetary assets, bonds, and compound financial instruments,
Arrangement of auditing and taxation of Hong Kong company
- HK$4,000 ~ 10,000 (for small business; please refer the fee table below)


** Subject to the financial decision of the auditor.
** Depending on transaction volume and sales, we will quote separately before proceeding.
** For
  auditing  other than tax purposes such as investment attraction, general meeting of investors and briefings, accounting including subsidiary's asset valuation, overseas asset valuation, reflecting fair value of listed company assets, etc, we will check the relevant documents first and will offer you with a quotation .

** Business transactions which are in violation of the law cannot be arranged for auditing.





(illustration)Fee example for company incorporation and annual management


== For Incorporation ==

   HK$ 7,600 (for incorporation)
   HK$10,000 (bank initial deposit)   *may vary depends on banks
   HK$  1,000 (for company search fee from the bank)   *may vary depends on banks
   HK$18,600 (amount to be reserved for incorporation )
  HK$ 8,600  (Actual fees that you pay)
== For Renewal ==

  HK$6,300 (for renewal)
  HK$2,250 (Business Registration Fee 2017)   *may vary depends on annual financial budget by the tax department
  HK$4,000 (Expected accounting Fee)   *may vary depends on transactions and sales amount
  HK$7,000 (Expected Arrangement Fee for Auditing and Taxation)   *may vary depends on transactions and risk assessment
  HK$19,550 (Expected Annual Renewal, Accounting and  Taxation Fee)

* Accounting, Arrangement of Auditing and Taxation Fee may vary depends on Sales amount  and annual business transactions

==Bank Account maintenance charges==


HK$100~1,000 per month 
*Separate guidance will be provided
  when opening a corporate account

Arrangement of Hong Kong company's document

Arrangement of China attesting

(for the purpose of submission when establishing a joint-venture enterprise / foreign-invested enterprise in China)

BR / CI / NNC1 (Incorporation documents) China attesting fee (one original copy, one duplicate copy): HK$6,000
Inserting a copy of passport in  the attesting  documents: HK$200
Additional Original copy: HK$760
Additional Duplicate copy: HK$400

** Can not add the original and duplicate copies  at the same time. Only one of the two can be added.
Mailing cost: HK$160
Handling Charge: HK$700
Working time: 5 ~ 10 business days (1 ~ 2 weeks)
Change of Hong Kong company's
  shareholder / director
If the business has not been commenced after the incorporation: HK$2,000
If the business has been commenced after the incorporation: HK$2,000 + accounting and auditing fee will be

** Additional costs may be  incurred if  further KYC and due diligence documents are required by the bank (eg HSBC) after the change of shareholder / director
De-registration(closer) of Hong Kong company
De-registration fee: HK$3,000
Processing time: 6 ~
  7 months

** Only if you have not missed any  documents or  reports which were required to submit to the Hong Kong government  such as Inland Revenue Department, Census and Statistics Department  and Companies' Registry. (otherwise the Inland Revenue Department will raise an objection)
** The annual return
  and the business registration certificate must be renewed during the de-registration  period.
** If you request to de-register(close) the company
  when you renew the company, you will be charged for both the renewal fee and the de-registration fee.
** If you omitted tax return, employers' return, annual return, etc,
  you must file and submit all the outstanding documents and pay the penalty before proceeding the de-registration.
Attending a court on behalf of your company
If a lawsuit is filed from the Inland Revenue Department due to omission of the tax return
  and the court summons(subpoena) is issued, you  must explain the reason for the violation of the law by attending the court in person and pay the penalty  on the same day.
Attending the
  court can be represented by an agent.
Attendance at the court and related documents fee: HK$1,000~2,000 (separate figure will be required for each case)
Hong Kong import and export license
In case of import and export, you may need to obtain permission according to the item.
In general, foods, medicines, health supplements, medicines, agricultural products, livestock, etc. may require prior permission.
For general food and health supplements, a license handling fee of HK$800 and a government fee of HK$195 will be incurred.
Hong Kong Export Declaration
If a Hong Kong company exports to overseas, it must file an export declaration
  which is under the jurisdiction of Census and Statistics Department.
If you do not file an export declaration after exportation, a penalty will be incurred.
Fee: basic handling charge of HKD 500 + government fee
** The fee
  of import and export declaration and fines will be dependent on the actual date of notification to the government, import / export items, and selling price.
Required Documents:

1) Bill of Lading
2) Commercial Invoice
3) Detailed description of import / export items
     (If the name of import / export  items  is abbreviated on the Commercial Invoice, you may be  required to provide  the  detailed description of the import / export item before proceeding with the import / export declaration.)

For example, depending on the place of use for LED cell, the import / export declaration code will be different.


Hong Kong trademark registration
1. Logo file for the Trade Mark registration (maximum 4) such as ai, jpg, pdf etc.
2. Classifications for Trade Marks
3. Describe in detail about the logo to register as a Trade Mark
(Eg 3D, hologram, sound, smell, etc.
  if the logo is different from the regular logo)
4. Trade Mark Search and Advice Fee: HK$2,000 (based on 1 Class)
(HK$200 will be further incurred for additional class)
Trade Mark Application and registration fee: HK$6,000 (based on 1 Class)
  will be further incurred for additional class)
Total(Search and Advice + Registration): HK$8,000 (based on 1 Class)
(Additional class:
  HK$1,200 per class)
Singapore Incorporation Fee
- For Incorporation
1) Incorporation of Singapore company
  + Opening corporate account: SG$3,500 (OCBC or DBS)
2) Registering Singapore Nominee
  Director (at least one local director must be registered): SG$2,000 / year (SG$2,500 must be additionally paid)  for  the deposit)
Total fee
  of Incorporation: SG$5,500 (including government fees, company kit, nominee director for 1 year, secretarial service for 1 year  and registration of business address for 1 year)
Total deposit: SG$2,500
Initial total reserve: SG$8,000
(SG$2,500 will be refunded upon termination of service)
- Annual renewal
1) Annual renewal of Singapore company: SG$1,500
2) Registering Singapore Nominee
  Director: SG$2,000
Total Renewal fee: SG$3,500
- extra cost
Accounting, financial statements, tax reconciliation and reporting: separate figure required
  (generally from SGD2,000)
** A shareholder / director / beneficial owner of the
  company  must visit Singapore in person  when opening a corporate account.
** the nature
  of the business must be legal.
** Singapore company
  must register at least one local director and secretary, and additional foreign directors and shareholders may also be registered.
  ** For termination of the services, a written notice will be required at least one month in advance.

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