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Information on opening Chinese (offshore) accounts for Hong Kong subsidiaries  

(If you are not our secretarial customer, you cannot open a corporate account.)


required documents:


1. Incorporation registration document with original receipt (Incorporation form - NNC1) or annual report (Annual Return)

2. Original Business Registration and Certificate of Incorporation

3. One copy of the articles of incorporation in English + one copy of the articles of incorporation in Chinese

4. Hong Kong corporation seal (square seal / round seal / nameplate)

5. At least two trade contracts (trade import/export contracts) (Chinese) - Must be a trade contract signed with a Chinese company, and must be stamped with a Chinese corporate seal.

6. Board resolution (to be prepared by the company later)

7. A scanned copy of the shareholder’s passport and Chinese mobile phone number

8. A scanned copy of the financial management officer ID and a Chinese mobile phone number


* When opening a personal account, you must deposit at least USD 10,000 for at least 3 months.


Cost: CNY 20,000


* Fees must be paid 100% in advance.

* If the Hong Kong subsidiary's Chinese (offshore) account is not opened due to refusal of approval by the bank, 100% full refund will be given.

* If the customer cancels the account opening due to a simple change of mind or for personal reasons after the China (offshore) account opening meeting,  Fees are non-refundable.

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